About Our Chairman

Matthew Bridger

Matthew is a 18 year old teen entrepreneur, he decided he wanted to make a change in his local community, so set amongst building a team of trustees from different towns in Kent who all shared the same vision for creating a difference and allowing young people opportunities and started Young Lives Unleashed which aims to give young people a brighter future through a range of pioneering activities and support initiatives.

Matthew Said: “I have done a lot of different roles and work with young people over the years and I kept seeing the issues that young people face and knew something needed to be done so that young people had a voice and to help support and guide these young people.

Matthew speaks on entrepreneurship, challenges faced, travel, whats its like in business as a teenager, politics, and day to day life. He is constantly seeking out new adventures – whether it’s through travel or giving back to others. His goal is to document his journey and provide some entertainment, value, and meaning in the process.

To date Matthew has been featured in a number of magazines including the Huffington Post, Kentish Messenger Newspaper, INC and The Telegraph.

If you would like to contact Matthew, Please email: matt@younglivesunleashed.org.uk or if you would like to book Matthew for Press or an Event, Please email: press@younglivesunleashed.org.uk