About Young Lives Unleashed

Enabling Young People To Achieve Greatness!

Young Lives Unleashed was set up as a charity organisation focused on providing opportunities for young people and helping them into further education, employment or training. Which will enable them to make a positive contribution to their communities and grow in confidence.

We support young people who may have issues at home, been in trouble with the law, disadvantaged areas and aims to increase confidence, motivation and skills and as a result enables young people to move into employment, education, training, volunteering or an apprenticeship. They are also empowered to become independent thinkers – building confidence, self-esteem, and a repertoire of practical skills that will last them a lifetime!

Young people are encouraged to work with well-established business leaders on an inter-generational level, in addition to peer to peer support. Our charity allows young people to get involved in the local community. This brings everyone together, strengthens relationships throughout the community and allows young people to be more respected.

We allow young people to gain a voice and empower them to influence activities and help improve our services. It enables young people to feel that their opinions matter and that they will be taken seriously. As well as empowering the young people it helps us to develop our service delivery methods to something that the young people will engage with and will take on board. One of the main benefits of involving the young people is that it improves their confidence and skills, and helps to motivate and heighten their aspirations, which is one of our main aims.

We want our young people to be role models for the next generation which is why we ask them to managed, certain elements of our workshops and young people in the workshops get a sense of ownership and responsibility.