Educate, Enable and Empower

Young Lives Unleashed was set up as a charity organisation focused on providing opportunities for young people and helping them into further education, employment or training. Which will enable them to make a positive contribution to their communities and grow in confidence.

We support young people who may have issues at home, been in trouble with the law, disadvantaged areas and aims to increase confidence, motivation and skills and as a result enables young people to move into employment, education, training, volunteering or an apprenticeship. They are also empowered to become independent thinkers – building confidence, self-esteem, and a repertoire of practical skills that will last them a lifetime!

Education Programmes

Our education programmes empower young people and provides them with essential life skills, knowledge, information and support.


Young people will be encouraged to work with well-established leaders in there sector on an intergenerational level, in addition to peer to peer support.

Ranges Of Workshops

Our ranges of workshops, promote and encourage enterprise and employment amongst young people in schools, college and university.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many organisations will not invest in people with a criminal record, a history of addiction or low skill levels. We inspire an entrepreneurial spirit in those we support, helping to grow new futures.

Peer To Peer Nature

The peer to peer nature of Young Lives Unleashed means young people become role models for the next generation at an early age.

Young Offenders

Young offenders often show entrepreneurial methods that can be rechanneled into a legitimate business.


of all young people engaged in our programmes have seen improvements in their lives


gained employment, self-employment or joined an education course


of young people we work with feel supported


Value of Volunteer Time Over 1 Year